Brev från min kompis:


    Min kompis skickade mig brev igår. Hon har varit på plats på eventet i Dallas igår! Det här skrev hon:

    Hey all, I’m in Dallas at the Rippln event. It’s been great to connect with other Rippln members and especially people in my Ripple.

    They showed us the new game app. It’s is amazing. They designed this so brilliantly. It is going to go viral in a really big way. They’re just now waiting for it to be approved by Apple. The problem is Apple had their site get hacked a week ago so they’re having to deal with that. But once they’ve got that straightened out they’ll be reviewing the new Rippln game app. From there it will be 10 days to get it to market. That is once the app is fully approved by Apple.

    Rippln is also ramping up for the Christmas buying season in a really big way. Tons of new and innovative products. I’ll definitely provide a webinar with all the updates. It won’t be this weekend. I’ll post to you as soon as I get it set up. Stay tuned for some exciting updates!


    Vi lever i en APP WORLD! =)


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